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The "Unprecedented Times" we are in has seen many aspects of our lives changed; sports, entertainment, schooling, and family gatherings, to name a few. Perhaps nothing has been affected more than our ability to travel, to create new experiences, and to explore new locations. Those of us with wanderlust have struggled having our wings clipped.

Consequently, many of us have felt cut off from each other and our communities. This isolation can bring a feeling of loneliness. Computer and telephone conferences provide some connection, but they leave us lacking genuine human interaction. The longer things continue, the more pronounced these feelings can become. We are resilient and creative, though, and people are coming up with ways to make things work. We received word that one puzzle fan started a social media page, which has grown, and they recently had a virtual puzzle party; what a fantastic idea.  We need each other. The importance of community cannot be understated.

Eric was reflecting on how divided things feel during this time and wanted to create something to bring us together.  Eric usually takes us somewhere specific with his art, and we can share in his experiences.  In this latest work, Eric is taking various paintings from the past 30 years to take us everywhere.  To share the message that each of us is a piece of this planet's complex and interdependent fabric, Dowdle is releasing a new puzzle, WORLD PIECES. This collage celebrates everything from the mountains to the oceans; it recognizes some of humanity's extraordinary accomplishments; and the wide variety of life with whom we share our spinning blue home. We are all pieces of a whole, and we are happy to present our latest puzzle, World Pieces.

The messages we receive from Dowdle Fans keep us going.  We love to hear how the puzzles help you. When we hear that many of you use the Dowdle Puzzles to travel places vicariously, it is exciting.  These have inspired the Club Dowdle Passport program that will be rolling out soon.  Club Dowdle will have an app that will allow you to track your Dowdle collection, receive special offers, and points for merchandise. Members will also receive exclusive passport stickers of each puzzle purchase to go into their Dowdle Passport.  Some people have downloaded the beta app and had some… well… issues.  Those are being fixed, and we will have a big rollout in the next couple of months. We are excited to interact even more with you all in Club Dowdle.

We look forward to the day when we can get out again and meet with you face to face. Until then, we hope you will join us in touring the globe and celebrating the common denominator that every living thing shares, our planet.  At Dowdle, we believe in the worth of the individual. We are each a part of the World Pieces.

No man is an island entire of itself;
every man is a piece of the continent,
 a part of the main:

-John Donne


  • Robbin Molk

    It’s so nice that your company cares about its customers and creating products of high quality. I will be a customer for life!

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  • RAmona hEndren

    Awesome puzzle idea!

    I recognize so many different puzzles in that one puzzle! I can’t wait until I get that puzzle!

  • Janet Clarke

    Love this new ‘World Pieces’ artwork. Your message resonates. For Christmas, I took advantage of the availability of your puzzles at Costco and I bought a dozen as gifts for family members and friends. It has brought me great pleasure to have the recipients send back (unsolicited) photos of completed puzzles along with comments about how they have enjoyed the time spent with their family members as they worked together towards to the common goal – which might even involve a little conflict when it comes time to place that final piece! Thank-you for the beautiful imagery, quality, and challenge of your puzzles. Keep ’em coming!!

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