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5 Top Puzzle Tips For Beginner Puzzlers

In this day and age, both work and down-time is spent mainly on electronic devices — from laptops to smartphones, TVs and gaming consoles. Screen-free time has become increasingly important in order to relax and unwind, so it’s no surprise that jigsaw puzzles have become a sought-after past time activity. 

Beginning a new hobby can feel quite intimidating but the good news is, it’s never too late to learn how to solve a jigsaw puzzle. To help get you started, read our top 5 tips on how to build a puzzle and the next thing you know, you'll be sailing through advanced puzzles!

  1. Picking the perfect place

Once you’ve chosen a beginner-friendly puzzle, the first step is to find the perfect place to begin. Flat and clear surfaces like the dining room or coffee table are popular choices — especially for those who want to stay cosy inside. Puzzle trays are a versatile and transportable option for those who like to change scenery every now and then. As long as your chosen area has sufficient lighting and enough space to lay out the whole puzzle, you’re good to go. 

  1. Unpacking your puzzle

Now that you have found the right place to begin, unbox your puzzle and breathe in that glorious new puzzle smell. Place each piece face-up and right way around  so you can see all the colors and patterns and make sure to spread them out enough that you can decipher one piece from another. 

  1. Start building a border

Pick out the corner and edge pieces from the scattered mix of puzzle pieces. Separate these pieces from the inner ones and begin joining them together to form a border. This is the most popular method for beginners who want tips on how to do a jigsaw puzzle.

  1. Progress by grouping

Depending on the puzzle you’ve chosen, the next step is to group pieces based on their similarities. For puzzles with bright, colorful and eccentric imagery like Dowdle’s puzzles, we recommend grouping pieces based on their color and texture.  For example, if your puzzle has a skyline and city, you can divide your pieces into those you think match the sky and those that match the city. 

Creating sub-groups like these breaks your puzzle up into manageable pockets. Work on multiple clusters at once or pick a specific region from the image on your puzzle box and work it out one piece at a time. These clusters may not join up with the border at first, but as they grow from the inside, they will eventually fit together and reach the border.

  1. Shake things up

Staring at all the contrasting colors as your puzzle pieces lay divided can be tiring on the eyes. Just like other focused tasks, taking a break can be extremely beneficial for your progress. Our last tip for doing a jigsaw puzzle is to let your eyes rest once in a while if you come to a puzzle standstill and get back to it when you feel more energised. After all, puzzling should be a fun way to unwind and not a cause of frustration. 

Find your new favorite past-time activity

Complete a Dowdle jigsaw puzzle and add puzzling to your list of hobbies. From beginner to intermediate and advanced puzzles, Eric Dowdle has redefined art by making his world-class art fun for everyone. Get lost in the bright colors and detailed scenes from all over the world come in Eric’s original works of art. 

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