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This city is located in the mountains of Utah and is open year round. Surprised? Park City is more than just a fabulous ski resort in the winter; it is a perfect spot for your summer vacation too. Ride the bike trails, race the bobsled track at 68mph, or soar the skies in a hot air balloon! There is nothing like it!

Millies Hotair BalloonsMillies Hotair Balloons

Millies took Eric to whole new heights of Park City and its breathtaking mountains. How? by giving Eric a colorful hot air balloon ride! To Millies, it's more than a business, it's a dream come true.



Bobsledding with JakeBobsledding with Jake

Traveling down the bobsled track at 68 mph like an olypian expert with Jake was an experience Eric can never forget.  

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Eric Porter the Biker

Eric Porter the Biker

Eric Porter showed our favorite painter Eric Dowdle the thrills in riding a bike on one of Park Cities bike trails sure to make you laugh the whole way down.

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Willie the PhotographerWillie the Photographer

Willie does not just capture Park City's scenic views, he chases after the "light" of this glorious mountain town to shows its beauty no matter how early in the morning he as to get up.

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