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Do Jigsaw Puzzles Make You Smarter?

Puzzles are a fantastic way to make lasting memories with family and friends, and can prove to be a fun way to pass time by yourself. Not only will it get you away from screens, but it’s a wonderful activity if you’re looking for ways to slow down your daily routine. But did you know that there are a number of ways that putting together jigsaw puzzles can exercise your mind? Check out some of the ways that taking time to work on a puzzle can be a benefit for you and make you smarter!

Improves Your Memory

One way that puzzles can strengthen your mind is that they have the potential to improve your short term memory! Sitting down and working on a jigsaw puzzle helps to reinforce the connections between brain cells, which in turn improves your mental speed and enhances your short term memory. So if you’ve noticed that you’re having a hard time remembering where your keys are or what time an appointment is set for, it might be time to break out a jigsaw puzzle! You may just find that your memory starts to improve.

Enhance Your Problem Solving Skills

Consider looking at a jigsaw puzzle as a test of trial and error. There are various ways that one piece of a puzzle could fit with other pieces, and through deductive reasoning, you’ll eventually find which pieces connect to which. Puzzles can do wonders for advancing your problem solving skills! It’s been proven that for both children and adults, sitting down and tackling a jigsaw puzzle gets your brain moving and enhances your problem solving skills; a skill you’ll be happy to have for puzzling, but also for work, school and play.

Exercises Both Sides of Your Brain

One major way that puzzles can make you smarter is that while working on them, you are exercising both sides of your brain. The right side of your brain is the creative and intuitive side, while the left side of your brain is more logical and methodical. In order to put together a puzzle, you need to think both logically and creatively, thus simultaneously exercising both sides of your brain. Think of it as a workout for your mind!

So the next time you’re faced with the choice to watch a show or scroll through your social media feed, consider pulling a jigsaw puzzle out of the game closet and spending some time on that instead! Not only will you be able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, whether by yourself or with a group, but you’ll be exercising and strengthening your mind in a way that is difficult to do otherwise. Looking for a new jigsaw puzzle to get you motivated? Check out our collection of high-quality puzzles and add something new to your collection today!


  • Diana Ritterholz

    I like the 500 piece puzzles the most. They seem to take up the perfect amount of time for me. 100 goes a little too fast and 1000 takes a little too long. I really like Dowdle puzzles. I think I must have at least 30 – 40 of them by now and will probably be ordering more soon! Thanks for doing a great job of producing them!

  • Joni Romito

    I hated puzzles but Covid forced me to find a hobby during quarantine. I missed traveling and was intrigued by the puzzles of cities around the world. The Dowdle puzzles are beautiful and I love the story and characters included. I feel like Im exploring Sydney or Paris again each time I do a puzzle. I’m now a puzzle fanatic and get excited when a new Dowdle puzzle is on the way. I love my new hobby and Dowdle puzzles!!

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