4 Of The Best Ways To Finish A Puzzle

Staring at an unpacked puzzle and looking at all the spread out, mismatched pieces can bring stress to new and well-practiced puzzlers alike. Do not let this deter you, there are many ways to bring order to this initial chaos.

So, what exactly is the best way to do a puzzle? Just like most things in life, there are many ways to solve a puzzle. Whether you want to know how to do a puzzle fast or simply need a few tips to point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of 4 of the best ways to do a puzzle. Beginning with...

  1. Start with the border first

The fastest and most popular method to solve a puzzle is to start by connecting the corners and edges first. Once you’ve picked out the border pieces from the randomly scattered pieces and formed a perimeter, group the inner pieces based on their colors and textures. Next, begin joining similar pieces together and connecting them to the border. Work your way from the outside-in while comparing the loose pieces to the image on your puzzle box. Follow this method and you’ll be done in no time!

  1. Create four main blocks 

The next method is a block by block approach. Once your puzzle is unpacked with the pieces printed-side up, pick out the four corner pieces. Then, while referring to the image on your puzzle box, separate the inner and edge pieces into one of four quadrants based on their similarities. This technique involves switching your focus to build up each of the corner pieces into blocks until eventually, they all connect and your puzzle is complete. 

  1. Match colors and textures

If your chosen puzzle has many different patterns or pops of color as many of our Dowdle puzzles do, using a color or texture matching process is one of the best ways to do a puzzle. Group similar pieces together based on their pattern, texture or color and then begin joining them together. Keep your eye on the image of your puzzle box to get a better idea of how all the groups piece together. 

  1. Groups based on shape

If you’re looking for the fastest way to finish a puzzle, this method is probably not for you. Start as you would with any puzzle, with all the pieces laying printed-side up on a table or puzzle tray, and single out one piece at a time. For each piece find up to 4 potential pieces that would fit with it based on the shape of the pieces. Once you have grouped the pieces together that will most likely fit together, begin testing them out in a sort of trial and error system to eliminate those that are not a match. Soon enough, your masterpiece will be complete. 

Get puzzling with Dowdle Folk Art

Finding the best way to do a puzzle can take some time and you may need to test out various methods until you find the one that works best for you. Read up about our many helpful tips to make your puzzling experience more enjoyable — like ensuring that you have the perfect lighting when you’re puzzling. 

Our “No Missing Pieces” policy means we will replace your entire puzzle if you don’t get to enjoy that triumphant moment of placing your last piece in your puzzle because a piece is missing. Lose yourself in a one of a kind work of art from our collection of Dowdle traditional and wooden jigsaw puzzles and enjoy an original - even framable -  work of art at the end of your endeavor! 

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