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We at Dowdle are ecstatic to announce our first Gallery and Puzzle Parlor in Solvang, CA. This event seems like it has been years in the making, but it is happening at the perfect time when everything is starting to open up again. We will be doing our soft opening on the 27 May – 31 May, and our Grand Opening is scheduled for the 01 July – 05 July. Apart from the beloved art of Eric Dowdle, the Gallery and Puzzle Parlor will feature exclusive images and merchandise not available anywhere else. You are invited to come and join us for this celebration.
Eric Dowdle is, above all else, a storyteller. He has said, "I come from a family of 12 children. We told stories; some of them were even true." Though his methods of telling stories continue to expand; Folk Artist, Entrepreneur, Radio Personality, and Television Presenter, his focus is always on the narrative. Whenever Eric is around people, he will be found telling or collecting stories.

Dowdle Folk Art began by Eric going door to door, offering to do paintings of beautiful homes. Eric built a unique style and a fan following over 30 years of intense effort and hours of sacrifice. His rich rural landscapes of fluffy "Dowdle clouds" and sculpted "Dowdle mountains" are some of his signature icons. One of the unique features of his art are the hidden images and stories in each painting. In 1997 Eric had some of his original paintings made into puzzles, and the rest is marketing history, as his company has sold more than 5 million puzzles.

Some have asked, "Why Solvang?" For years Eric was told to go to Solvang, and he would "Fall in love" there. Eric was dating a girl named Deb when he took her there for a weekend getaway, and they have been married for 19 years. It was after this experience that Eric painted his first Solvang painting. The city was featured as one of the early episodes of the Traveling with Eric Dowdle radio program. Several years later, when Eric was scheduling the locations for Painting the Town, he decided that Solvang would be the first TV location. To commemorate the new show, Eric painted a new version of the town called "Solvang, Danish Village." With so many events of importance shared by Dowdle in Solvang, it was a clear choice.

"Imagine all the places you've ever wanted to go in one place, that's us," Eric said about the Gallery and Puzzle Parlor. "Whether it's a puzzle, fine art, or something more, you can celebrate it all that in one location. Sit down with your family. This is the place where you can get ideas for your next trip, visit, dream, and just kick back and do a puzzle." Eric's vision of the Gallery and Puzzle Parlor is as a unique oasis where you will come time and time again.

In addition to Dowdle originals and a selection of more than 400 Dowdle art prints and gallery wraps, the Dowdle Gallery in Solvang will feature an unequaled selection of Dowdle Stratascapes™. Stratascapes™ are dimensional artwork with individually cut layers assembled by hand. To be appreciated, you need to see them firsthand. These unique pieces are beautifully framed, numbered, and signed by the artist Eric Dowdle. Stratascapes™ are a new dimension in fine art, available only at the Dowdle Gallery in Solvang.

One of the many unique features of the Dowdle Gallery is the Puzzle Parlor. What is a Puzzle Parlor? The Puzzle Parlor will feature premium traditional and wooden puzzles presented in an environment open to relax and even assemble a puzzle. No other gallery has made fine art this accessible. The Dowdle Gallery Edition puzzles will be available to build and purchase only in this location. The Puzzle Parlor will also have heirloom quality, hand-crafted wooden puzzles for jigsaw connoisseurs. This unrivaled feature is sure to be a favorite with those who come.

This is your open invitation to WAKE UP… and join us at the Dowdle Gallery and Puzzle Parlor in Solvang, CA. Eric would love to meet you in person on May 28 – 30. We hope many of you can come and join us in celebrating this next step in our company history together. The address is 1659 B Copenhagen Drive, Solvang, California 93463. Call us with any questions you may have.
This is going to be fun.


  • Shineah

    We’re day tripping it! My girls (8 and 5) are so thrilled. They keep talking about the “Painting the Town” Puzzle Guy. But… I’m even more excited than they are! Can’t wait to meet you and check out the new place!


    So excited, can’t wait to visit.

  • Judy Tuttle

    As owners of over 125 of Dowdle Traditional Puzzles, we have become faithful followers! We love to see Eric expanding on new horizons and wish him well in his new endeavors.

  • Ruby L Cheesman

    I so wish I could be there next weekend! But I will commit to putting together Dowdle’s “Solvang” puzzle back here in Utah! I hope it’s a blast for all those who attend! Post lots of pics!!

  • Melinda Miller

    Over the years I have bought probably over 40 of your puzzles. I would like to buy the solving puzzle.

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