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About Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles have become the rage over the past few months. Many people are fascinated by the wooden puzzle concept. We thought it would be good to let you know a little more about wooden puzzles and then about Dowdle Wooden Puzzles. Would you like to know more? Of course, you "wood."

The first wooden jigsaw puzzle was created in 1762 by map engraver John Spilsbury. He mounted one of his master maps onto a piece of sturdy wood, cut it out around the countries. This was a hit and became very popular among the children of the aristocracy. The History of Puzzles is fun. The wooden jigsaw puzzles gave way to paper products overtime for the sake of cost and efficiency. Due to Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles' popularity, Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles can be challenging to find in a regular store. They invoke a time when artisans and individuality were more commonplace. This is a difference you can feel immediately.

Viva la Difference! 

There are several things to consider when choosing wooden jigsaw puzzles. First, they are more expensive to produce but are well worth the added cost. Wooden puzzles also are a durable heirloom item and are made with hardwood backing, preventing bending, breaking, and deterioration. Wooden jigsaw puzzles hearken back to a time of hand craftsmanship. Because there are many ways a wooden jigsaw puzzle piece can be cut, it is possible to create uniquely designed shapes.

One thing to keep in mind is that wooden jigsaw puzzles do not snap tight like chipboard puzzles. Traditional jigsaw puzzles are press cut with a razor-sharp die; little if any material is lost. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles, on the other hand, are engraved with either a saw or laser. Material is inevitably lost, resulting in movement, or play, of the pieces. Due to this and the sharper cut lines, connecting the wooden pieces requires more exact placement, unlike the sliding lock of chipboard puzzles—many like the increased challenge of a wooden puzzle. 

What makes Dowdle wooden jigsaw puzzles so special?

Dowdle offers the best wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults and children alike. What makes Dowdle's wooden jigsaw puzzles so unique is they feature the fine art images of Eric Dowdle. Our wooden puzzles for adults feature rich, rural landscapes, festive cityscapes, and playful scenes of celebrations and traditions. Dowdle's variety of high-quality wooden puzzles has something for anyone: from those who love working on a complex wooden jigsaw puzzle for adults to Picture Perfect Puzzles for those just wanting to cherish a memory or give wooden jigsaw puzzles a try.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Our full-size wooden jigsaw puzzles come in three-piece count choices, 280 (11 x 14), 300 (16 x 20), and 500 (16 x 20) to meet all needs. All of the images are giclee' printed on archival quality paper and mounted to a wood backer board. The puzzles are available in "Classic" and "Vintage" styles. The "Classic" comes in an iconic Dowdle puzzle box with a custom sleeve. The "Vintage" is the highest quality. It arrives in a velveteen-lined handmade hardwood box. A print of the image is mounted on the lid. The puzzle pieces are carefully placed in a drawstring, velvet-feel bag. Vintage puzzles are the highest quality puzzle available.

Picture Perfect Puzzles

For those that want to try a wooden jigsaw puzzle to get a feel for them, we have Picture Perfect Puzzles. These wooden puzzles for adults and children can be selected from all of our Dowdle fine art titles and are available in 60- and 150-piece counts. Picture Perfect Puzzles come with their own puzzle tray/frame and easel so you can display the art. These are fun and a great introduction to wooden jigsaw puzzles. 

Custom Wood Puzzles 

To make wooden jigsaw puzzles even more personal, you can send in your favorite photograph or picture, and we can turn it into any of our Dowdle wooden jigsaw puzzle products. Truly one of a kind heirloom.

Introducing Dowdle Mini Wooden Puzzles

Take everything we've said about our wooden jigsaw puzzles and then tap them with a magic wand and shrink them down to 7 x 9 inches and 250 pieces.  That is the Dowdle Mini wooden puzzle. We are happy to introduce this new, highly-collectible item to our Dowdle family. Available only in limited titles, make sure to check out these fun new wooden puzzles for adults.

Hopefully, this helps with navigating the world of wooden jigsaw puzzles and gets you excited to try something new. We look forward to helping you, PUZZLE ON.

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