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A Travel Guide with Eric Dowdle: Kenya

Welcome to Kenya!

The following post was first published on BYU.

Last night, we joined Eric as he traveled all the way around the world to Kenya, Africa Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle!

Eric had the special experience to not only go back and visit a young boy he and his wife met years ago, but he also learned more about Kenyan traditions by meeting several other locals! So we teamed up with him to create the ultimate travel guide to help you have your own special experience in Kenya!

If you’ve dreamt about going on an African safari, this guide will be your best friend as you plan your trip across the savannah!

Famous Landmarks Worth Giving A Visit:

Lamu Island (Lamu Island, Kenya)
Lamu Island is Kenya’s oldest occupied town and dates back over 900 years. Here, you can experience the old-world charm of the island and learn more about the rich cultural history of Kenya.

Maasai Mara National Reserve (Talek, C14, Maasai Mara National Reserve 00100, Kenya)
Named after the local people who have grazed the animals for centuries, the Maasai National Reserve borders Tanzania and includes some of the most impressive game in Africa. Travel to the Mara River and you might even see hippos and crocodiles!

Nairobi National Museum (Kipande Rd, Nairobi, Kenya)
Discover more about Kenya’s history through the exhibits, botanical gardens, and contemporary art offered at Nairobi National Museum. It’s a stop you won’t want to miss!

Serena Hotels Safari Tour (George Williamson House, 4th Floor, 4th Ngong Avenue, P.O. BOX 48690 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya)
It wouldn’t be a trip to Kenya without a safari tour, where you can appreciate Africa’s vast wildlife and species ranging from zebras and lions to hyena and elephants. Plus, take advantage of the authentic cuisine and entertainment provided by Serena Hotels!

Tope Pottery (14010 00800, Nairobi, Kenya)
At Tope Pottery, you can feel like a true local by checking out beautiful handmade pottery that tells the stories of Kenya.

Best-Kept Secret of the Town:

Tea is one of Kenya’s largest exports, and Kiambethu Farm gives you the opportunity to discover more about Kenya’s past and to explore life on the tea plantations.

Kiambethu Tea Plantations (Girls School Road, Limuru, Kenya)

Eric's Favorite Places to Eat:

Last night, we got to see Eric try his hand at making the authentic Kenyan dish, ugali. But African cuisine includes much more than just ugali—so visit these local restaurants to get a taste of what Kenya’s all about.

Fonda NBO (Unit 320, Rosslyn Riviera Mall, Nairobi, Kenya)
Fonda takes the unique flavors of Kenyan cuisine and combines it with delicious Mexican-style dishes. Try the mole-smothered chicken for a one-of-a-kind food experience!

Seven Seafood and Grill (Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya_)
It’s what it sounds like—fresh prawns, lobster, oysters and other mouthwatering meats, and some of the finest in Kenya at that. You won’t regret trying the sticky pineapple and golden syrup pudding!

The "Kenya" Painting

Kenya’s savannah, complete with some of the world’s most exotic flora and fauna, served as the perfect backdrop for Eric’s amazing painting. Check it out here!

And if you love this painting, don't forget to buy the puzzle!


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    Awesome blog! These tips are highly useful, and I loved that you mentioned underrated destinations in Kenya in addition to the parks I saw in this blog I’m giving a thumbs up as well that you recommended places that serve authentic Kenyan cuisine! I love food adventures, and I also believe a huge part of the culture can be seen and tasted in food. So that’s an impressive part of the blog. Enjoyed reading this, thanks so much!

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