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5 Benefits of Doing Puzzles

When you think of puzzles, what comes to mind? Many people consider puzzles to be a hobby, or simply a fun way to pass the time. Others think of them as great brain busters for kids. You may be surprised to find that there are a number of proven health benefits to taking the time to put together a puzzle! How can you benefit from some regular puzzle time? Check out some of the top benefits of doing puzzles!

1. Effective Stress Reliever

If you have a lot on your mind and you’re looking for a way to de-stress, sitting down and working on a puzzle just might be the thing to get you out of your funk. Puzzles have been proven to help with mental health challenges, such as anxiety and depression, and engages your mind in a way that creates a sense of calm. So if you’ve had a particularly stressful day, a jigsaw puzzle could be the perfect activity to help you relax.

2. Great for Alone Time

Many people nowadays default to scrolling through their phone or binge watching a show on TV when they find themselves with a few hours of alone time. The next time you’re faced with the opportunity, choose to set aside the electronics and work on a puzzle instead! You’ll be able to more effectively engage your mind, not to mention the satisfaction that comes with putting together those last few pieces of the puzzle. You certainly don’t get that from scrolling through social media!

3. Strengthen Your Mind

Puzzling has proven time and again to be a great exercise to strengthen your mind. When you’re focusing on a puzzle, you’re able to engage both the left and the right side of your brain, in addition to improving your short term memory. It’s an overall great way to get some mental exercise in and keep your mind sharp. Not to mention it’s incredibly fun!

4. Improved Teamwork and Problem Solving Skills

While doing puzzles alone can certainly be enjoyable and fulfilling, there are some great benefits to putting them together with others, as well! You’ll find that your teamwork skills improve as you come together as a pair or as a group to get a puzzle put together. You’ll also see some increased problem solving skills as you consider your options and how you can most effectively put together the puzzle.

5. Easy Way to Connect with Loved Ones

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of doing puzzles is the opportunity that it presents to more easily connect with family, friends and loved ones. A jigsaw puzzle, some good music, and a handful of yummy snack options is a recipe for a perfect evening together connecting with those you love. It’s easy to converse and catch up while putting together a puzzle, so take advantage of the opportunity to simultaneously enjoy time together and have fun with a puzzle.

Time to Start On That Puzzle!

So whether you’re looking for a new way to relieve stress or you’re working on a goal to reduce your screen time, you’ll find that the benefits of doing puzzles are endless. Check out our collection of puzzles today and get started!

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  • Carolyn Walters

    Our family is scattered around. During COVID we started working puzzles, taking pic then mail them to each other! Fun staying connected

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