Precious in His Sight

Artist Notes:

Under His watchful eye, a tiny sprout grows to a lovely, fragrant flower, the drab cocoon brings forth the beautiful butterfly, and the Babe in the lowly manger becomes the Prince of Peace! These miracles bring wonderment and awe to our hearts, warming our souls like rays of sun on a spring morning, reminding us of an eternal truth—that all things are precious in His sight.
Greg Olsen -1999
I wonder if the lowly little caterpillar has any inkling of what it is created to become. I like to imagine Jesus posing this question to this little child and to each of us. I can imagine him using this beautiful butterfly to illustrate the amazing answer. I can also visualize Jesus using that incredible metamorphosis to teach us something of our own “divine genetics.” I wonder if we have any inkling of what we were created to become!
James 4:10
Matthew 18:3-4