Use Points To Redeem Puzzles & Other Rewards

For every purchase of Dowdle product through our website or mobile app you will earn points to redeem for prizes.

Dowdle Product

You can redeem your points to purchase any Dowdle product on our website or app. You can save up your points to get a free premium jigsaw puzzle, or you can save up your point for something bigger, like a wooden puzzle, fine art piece, or even a Stratascape.

If you purchase 10 premium jigsaw puzzles at regular price, you'll earn enough points to redeem 1 free premium jigsaw puzzle. And yes, you can choose any title of over 300 titles that we have.

Travel or Vacation

If you'd rather save up your points for something else, you can always redeem them to travel or to pay for part of a vacation.

Dowdle puzzles and paintings are all about traveling all over the world. Now you can make those dreams come true by redeeming your reward points to go visit that special place you've always wanted to.